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Ideas for a clean environment

As humans we have certain basic needs - clean air to breathe, healthy, clear drinking water and good, uncontaminated soil for growing nutrient-rich crops to nourish us and our children. In other words, we need ecosystems which are as free as possible of the harmful influences created by our civilization.

A life in harmony with nature is the ideal. Yet with six billion people currently living on our planet, we cannot avoid leaving behind our traces on the environment. One of mankind's biggest responsibilities is to use natural resources as wisely and sparingly as possible.

In order to decontaminate air, water and soil, Harbauer Environmental Technology develops and builds innovative technology to protect the environment and to remove existing damage to ecosystems.

We have been committed to meeting this challenge for over 20 years, and our entire team worldwide takes the responsibility very seriously. Our work focuses on the development of new technology and the constant improvement of existing processes, taking care to optimize both ecological and economic aspects.

From the planning stage to the operating stage, Harbauer Environmental Technology provides process engineering solutions for the purification of water, soil and air within the bounds of clean-up operations and drinking water and process water treatment.


Because of the pollution of the surface water, people of the rural areas are more

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From the planning stage to the operating stage we have provided engineering solutions for the purification of water, soil and more

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